FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day

A social media account with a large number of followers is always a must for every professional business. But growing a social media profile takes lots of effort and a lot of time so you better start growing your account now! In this article we are talking about Follow Liker, a cheap, fast and efficient way to grow your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr accounts. We’ll show everything you need to know in this Follow Liker Review!
Once you start using Follow liker in your account, you’ll start growing your follower base right away. This picture shows the notifications on my phone, which is full of notifications about new followers, likes and comments in my accounts every minute or even seconds!
FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day
Keep reading this Follow Liker Review to learn how to install this amazing tool right away to start getting followers on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or even Tumblr!
By the way, if what you are looking for is growing your fan base on Facebook, you’ll find very useful our guide about how to increase followers on Facebook. For businesses and professional Facebook accounts, this is by far the best way to do it. But this time we are going to focus mainly on the Instagram Edition.

What is Follow Liker?

Follow Liker is a software that allows you to automate social media tasks in order to increase engagement and grow your follower base.
Followliker is for any user that needs to grow social media accounts efficiently and faster than the standard way. Don’t misunderstood this, Followliker is not a software that gets you tons of followers all at the same time in your account, it doesn’t work that way. With Follow Liker you get real followers little by little continuously by automating tasks that make your account active 24/7 (or you can actually set a customized schedule for each account). That means you get a few amount of followers daily and it is up to you to improve your content to increase the followers you get per day.
In other words, Followliker makes your account act as if you were liking, commenting and following people between many other tasks, to make it look real and natural to the eyes of others. This way, your account is always active and engaging with hundreds of users daily. Is matter of time and consistency that an active account with great content becomes popular.
FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day
Whether you want to promote yourself as a public figure, sell products or engage with your clients, the main goal is to own a huge follower base that actually engages with your content. You need quantity but mostly quality, and this is how Followliker helps you to grow your account. It maintains your account active while you create great content to share. Visit Followliker to know more about its features.

Advantages and Benefits of Follow Liker

The main goal of Followliker users is to automate several tasks that take lots of time to do. That’s why this multitasking software allows us to forget those tasks and focus on other more important activities to be more productive. There are significant benefits you get using Followliker:
Save Time by automating all kind of social media tasks that little by little make a huge change in your account activity and the way people engage with your content.
Save Money by managing your accounts without other services and people involved. And always remember: TIME IS MONEY.
Grow Follower Base naturally and constantly the fastest way. Follow Liker boosts your account growth in a natural and safe way if you use it correctly.
Increase Account Activity to achieve many business goals: Get free targeted traffic to boost conversions. Followliker helps you to get followers that really care about your content. That why, when you publish something, your audience will be interested and you’ll notice way more engagement.
Get Free Traffic of your own followers. Don’t forget that the quality of your content improves your account activity. The more quality the more followers, and the more followers the more free targeted traffic.
Tracking Results & Stats is easy and fast inside the Followliker dashboard. See all social media tasks done and daily results at a glance. Valuable information like this will lead you to smarter decisions.

Social Networks on Follow Liker

Follow Liker is currently available for: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.
You can get three types of licenses according to your goals:
  • 1 Account License: Recommended if you really need to grow only one account.
  • 5 Accounts License: Recommended for users with only 2 to 5 accounts.
  • Unlimited accounts license: The best deal if you want to grow several accounts at a time.

Follow Liker Pricing

Follow Liker offers different license options according to the amount of accounts you would like to grow. It also offers packages of two social networks for a cheaper price. Followliker is not a membership service, it charges a one time payment and your license, and no matter which type of license you choose it includes 24/7 support.
For every Social Network there are 3 licenses:
  • 1 Account License –  57.99 USD
  • 5 Accounts License – 77.99 USD
  • Unlimited Accounts License – 97.99 USD
There are also available two and four Social Network Edition Licenses:
  • Combined (2 Social Networks) Unlimited Accounts License – 177.99 USD (Instead of $195.99 USD – Save $18 USD)
  • Full Edition (All 4 Social Networks) Unlimited Accounts License – $337.99 (Instead of $391.99 USD – Save $54 USD)
FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day
It’s worth mentioning that any of the Followliker licenses is worth it due to all the time and work you avoid when you automate your social media accounts. Even the 1 Account License is worth it, but it is definitively a smarter choice to get the Unlimited Accounts License for your future projects. This software definitively saves you money and time by automating all kind on social media tasks.

How to install Follow Liker?

To install Follow liker you first need to choose the type of license for your social media account.
  1. Choose your Follow liker License and after you order it, you’ll receive an email with your license details (username and password) and a link to download the software. Keep it for later.
  2. Second, you’ll need a Virtual private server Cloud (VPS Cloud) which you can get for a fair price here. Notice you can only install one license per system, that means you can only have Follow liker on one computer at a time. We recommend the OVH "VPS Cloud 1" for Windows which is fair enough for growing several accounts at a time for $13.99 USD.

    FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day
  3. Some minutes after you order it, you’ll be emailed the access details:
    – IP Adress of your VPS.
    – VPS Name.
    – Username.
    – Password.
  4. As we installed it on a Mac OS X we used Microsoft Remote Desktop, which you can find it directly on the App Store and install it from there.

    follow liker review microsoft remote desktop
    Install it, open it and then click on "New". It will ask your VPS Access Details and it will ask you to set a password for the admin session.

    FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day

  5. Once inside your VPS it’s time to install Followliker. Open your email and download the Followliker software on your VPS. Run the Software and install it with your license details.

    FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day

  6. Once it is installed, open it and the first thing you need to do is create a new project. Select the "File" menu and click on "New Project". Name it and before saving it, notice that if you want all the accounts in the new project to use different settings and values, check the "Each account should have separate settings." box at the bottom. We definitely recommend doing this overall if your accounts belong to different niches.
FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day

You are ready to add your first account to the program. If you want to grow several accounts this requires numerous proxies to support the functions of multiple accounts in order to prevent it from getting blocked or banned. We strongly recommend using dedicated proxies to keep your accounts safe. It is safe to use one proxy per account and you must renew your proxies on Followliker when expired.

Set Up Follow Liker Instagram Edition

At this point, we strongly recommend studying the Followliker User Guide. You can find a link to it in the email you received from Followliker and you can also find it directly on the "Help" menu located on the top menu bar. It is a complete guide that explains everything and you’ll surely find it very useful to understand the meaning of unfamiliar terms and functions.
Now you are ready to add your first account and customize the automated tasks to start growing it.
  1. Right Click on the white area and select "New".
  2. Type your account details:
    – Username: Type letters only.
    – Password.
    – Proxy: Here is where you paste your proxy for each account. This is optional overall if you are growing one account.
Once added and visible on the dashboard, right-click directly on the account username and select "Custom Settings" –> "Wizard".
FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day
One important advise is that every time you open the "Wizard" to make changes you must stop all Followliker activity first. To do this, find the "Stop" button at the top right. At this point, there is no activity yet and the button shows "Start". Keep it like this until you end the "Wizard" customization. When finish, click on "Start" to begin with the automation. By the way, there’s no need to stop the activity only to view settings on the "Wizard".
When you open the Wizard you’ll be shown the first window that allows you to customize all the automated tasks for that particular account. This is when you remember all the terms and functions mentioned on the Followliker User Guide, which helps you to understand each social media task.
Depending on the social network it shows different tasks. We are featuring the Instagram Edition as you can notice on the pictures. The Instagram tasks you can select to automate are :

FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day
There are some tasks that work together :
  • To Follow People: If you check the "Follow" box it automatically checks the "Scrape User" box.
  • To Like or Comment a Photo: If you check the "Like" or "Comment" box it automatically checks the "Scrape Photo" box.
Follow People to encourage them to follow you back. You can set the number of people followed per day. A healthy number of follows per day is 500. It is recommended to post every day when you automate followings, otherwise, you can experience temporal blocks.
Temporal blocks depend on several factors and it happens mostly on new accounts, accounts created days or months before.With accounts created years before you won’t experience temporary blocks often. The key is to always keep posting daily content and to follow a reasonable amount of people per day to make it look natural.
You can check if you account is blocked by trying to follow people manually, if it unfollows people right after you followed them it means your account is temporarily blocked. To unblock it you just need to pause the followings and wait until it lets you follow people again. It is matter of one or two days, sometimes less and sometimes more, it is different in each account. But it is important to keep posting while you wait. If your account is blocked often even if you post, you need to follow fewer people per day.
If you Follow people you’ll eventually need to "Unfollow" them because there is a limit of 7,500 people you can follow on Instagram. If you reach this limit, you won’t be able to follow more people.
Check the "Shuffle tasks" box if you want the automated tasks to be randomized, this way your account activity is more natural.
The "Retrieve existing followers and followings" option comes with a default number. Followliker recommends to leave it like this in the User Guide.
Remember to always check the "Show advanced options" box at the bottom left. It will show all the settings you need to customize. Depending on which tasks you choose at this point are the windows shown next.
We recommend to start with a pair of tasks at the beginning. e.g. Follow/Unfollow. If you’re ready, click on "Next".
The following window shows you a menu of results. If you click on each one, it will show you a list of the recent result of each task. You can see the list of your followers bu clicking on the "Followers" button.
FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day
The following window shows you the "Scrape User Settings". Once again, it is useful to study the Followliker User Guide to find this section more familiar. Depending on your goals or preferences, here you choose how Followliker follows people :
  • Follow users by keywords, by location.
  • Follow a user’s followers.
  • Follow a user’s following.
  • Follow users who posted photos with a specific tag (users who tagged their photos with a hashtag or keyword).
FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day
Right click on the white area to add, edit or delete a query. When you add or edit a query, you’ll be asked to select the query type(the way follow liker finds and follows users) and type the query(type the username of the user account). The queries are:
  • Users Who Tagged.
  • User’s Follower.
  • Normal Search.
  • Location.
  • User’s Following.
  • Users Who Liked.
  • Users Who Commented.
  • Suggested Users.
As you can see, you can follow targeted people depending on your preferences. It is up to you to decide which is the best way to find the followers you want to follow, and then a percentage of this followers will follow you back. The number of followers you get depends on different aspects: niche, location, content quality, etc. This software is about to test a lot, so don’t blame it if you don’t get the desired results at first. You can always improve the way you manage your account and if you take smart decisions your account will grow more.
When you are done, click "Next". You’ll be shown the "Follow User Settings" window.
FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day
Here you manage the limit of follows that your account does per day and other very specific settings. We recommend to test with low numbers at first, this way you account starts little by little. The default numbers are fine to start.
Remember that you must unfollow those users eventually. The next window will show you the "Unfollow User Settings".
FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day
Here you manage the days the program waits until it unfollows those users. You also manage the number of users to unfollow, which is recommended to be a similar number of the users followed. It is also better to check the "Blacklist unfollowed users", this way the program always follow new users.
When you are done, click "Next". You’ll be shown the last window that allows to schedule the automation activity by day and time. If you want to make it look more natural you can uncheck the weekend days and set an hour range.
FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day
When you’re done, click on "Finish". You’ll be shown again the dashboard and here is when you "Start" the activity with the button at the top right.
FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day
When you click "Start" the software will initially attempt to log in your account with the username and password you provided when you added your account. At the top, you’ll find the "Status" bar, which will show you the activity done once you start the automation.
As mentioned before, on new accounts is better to add some pictures before using Followliker in your account. Set up a nice profile picture and a good description in order to make it look natural. Remember that the main goal of using Followliker is to grow your account little by little in order to create a great account over the time, for this reason you must post great content. This way, your account will be more appealing and you’ll increase your follow back rate.
Once you start running Followliker in your account, you’ll start receiving notifications about all the activity on your account, which will be hundreds or even thousands of follow backs, likes and comments. The following picture shows the notifications of the engagement received in my accounts :
FollowLiker Review – How to get 500 Instagram followers per day

Don’t Forget

There are also other common features you’ll be using often. When you right click on one account it shows you a menu where you can find :
  • Statistics: This shows you a table of results of all the type of tasks at a glance of one particular account.
  • Activity Log: This window shows you every single task the software does. Since you start automating until you pause, resume or stop the activity.
  • Pause/Resume: This is helpful when you want to stop the activity of one particular account and keep the automation of other accounts. "Resume" will put the account on automation again.
Now it’s time to test Follow liker on your account. Remember that it is likely to be blocked temporary using this kind of software, even if you are posting daily. It is recommended to post more than once a day to avoid this.
Also, keep in mind that Follow liker is intended to be a safe software that allows you to grow your accounts continuously getting a low number of followers daily. You won’t get a huge amount of followers in one day, and you better avoid to buy "real followers", otherwise your account will be permanently banned by Instagram.
Don’t forget the other tasks that can be done, once your account start growing you can start adding new tasks to the automation:
Like other posts to encourage them to visit your profile and like your stuff too, and even follow you. You can also Unlike the posts you’ve already liked. For these two tasks you can set the number of likes/unlikes per day and the number of days to wait before attempting to unlike those posts.
Comment on others posts to start a conversation and encourage them to visit your profile and follow you. You can set a list of different comments to post randomly in pictures of others that have been published with specific hashtags in the caption.
As you can see, Followliker is a great multitasking tool that can boost your social media account growth used correctly. Always remember to analyze your results and keep testing to scale your growth.

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