How To Write Perfect SEO-Optimized Articles In Blogger

How To Write Perfect SEO-Optimized Articles In Blogger

As a blogger when we write blog article, we should optimize each and every blog post for search engine and also for blog readers so that it will improve the ranking on a search engine.

Google has algorithms which automatically rank your blog/website. they does not have any human workers, so whenever you publish new article on your blog, they send out spiders to crawl your article and check it all things that indicates whether your article is useful or useless. sometimes they does not index some articles which imply that your article doesn't make any sense for google.
I found many bloggers out there (especially from blogspot platform), who has blog with many quality and useful articles, but someway I realized that articles getting only plenty of views and others not getting good traffic.

Well, how do you get more traffic if you are writing blog posts without doing SEO-optimization?  

Most of the beginners don't know how to write SEO-optimized articles in blogger. so i decided to write full post on it.

Writing SEO-Optimized Articles In Blogger

Step 1. Write SEO Friendly Post Title 

Post title & description it's only two things that appears in search results that force the visitors to click on your link to read the full post. so it must be short, catchy and to the point.

You can add your focus keyword in post titles. it helps to tell search engines exact what is your post is all about?

Step 2. Publish High Quality Contents

First thing you have to remember that, when you write article for your blog , make sure that you publish high quality and original content. It should not be stolen from anywhere otherwise Google will punish you for that and you lose your rankings in search results.

Your article should be keyword rich with at most 3% of keyword density. and it must be 400-500 words or more than that because google loves to serve well defined article for his visitors.

Step 3. Optimize Images 

How To Write Perfect SEO-Optimized Articles In Blogger
Compress the image size - compress images to change size of images to make your blog load faster.

You can do that by using online tool

Change image name - Before uploading any image for blog just make sure you have renamed this image with relevant name.

Alt tag, Title tag - In blogger you don't have to touch the html code to add this tag's to images. you just have to click on image (shown in above image) >> Properties >> add alt tag and title tag inside the box.

Know More 6 Image Optimization Tips For Better Search Engine Ranking.

Step 4. Keyword Placement

According to your focus keyword should appear in the first 100-150 words (1st paragraph) of the article.

If you do not set a search description for your page, Google will automatically grab the beginning 100-150 words of your content as a search description. expect this add your keywords in search description as well. 

I recommend you to use only one targeted keyword in a post. If you are targeting multiple keywords in single post then it will make difficult for search engines to identify your post.

You can Google Keyword Planner Tool to find out the best keywords that will bring you loads of search traffic.  

Put your main keyword in :
  1. Article Heading.
  2. Post Title.
  3. Page URL.
  4. Content.
  5. Search Description.

Step 5. Optimize Blog Post Setting

In the left side of post editor you will see "Post setting" section. with the help of this section you can improve SEO of your blog post by adding blog post labels, permalink, search description etc.

Important Settings To Edit

After writing your post you have to edit 3 important setting to improve SEO of your article which i have explained below and highlighted in image.

How To Write Perfect SEO-Optimized Articles In Blogger

Labels (Tags): help to group your blog posts together & act as a category.

Permalink (URL): By default, Blogger takes your post URL from your title but sometimes  it removes the extending characters from permalink, if you have a long title.  The permalink feature allows you to add custom URL of post that you can put your focus keywords in URL.

Here is example of Automatic Permalink vs Custom Permalink:

Automatic (Bad for SEO):

Custom (Recommended):
Search Description (Meta Description): In this section, you need to write short summery (approximately 156 characters) about your post with your important keywords.

Step 6. Use Bold And Italic Tag

Most probloggers uses bold and italic tags to highlight keywords. and i recommend you to use it in your blog posts effectively.

How To Write Perfect SEO-Optimized Articles In Blogger

Using these tags to highlight targeted keywords or important text in your contents will help you for improving rankings. and it also helps to reduce bounce rate.


So this is the simple basic tutorial on writing perfect SEO optimized articles in blogger for beginner blogger.  

If you are not getting good traffic from search engines then you may follow this post to make article seo friendly and really make sense to google.

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