How To Hold Visitors For A Longer Time On Your Blog

How To Hold Visitors For A Longer Time On Your Blog

Do you have any marketing strategy or formula to hold your visitors for a longer time on your blog?  If yes then you probably are doing so through social media. but you aren't using these marketing strategy's on your blog.

The growing importance of content marketing in today's competitors world is well known. so every blogger and business owner want to do marketing effectively.

Few marketing strategy's that I have bring today for you, but you should use all of them. and if you'll combine them all, I am sure you will be able to hold your visitor for a longer time on your blog.

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Hold Visitors For A Longer Time on Your blog : 5 Effective Ways

#1 Interlinking : 

Internal linking helps your readers to give relevant information of the post they are reading currently.

There are many tricks successful bloggers use to engage visitors on their blog and interlinking is one of them. so whenever you write a blog post spend only 10 minutes to interlinking your old blog post in newer blog post.

Benefits of interlinking :
  • Relevant Posts For Your Readers - Interlinking is a way to give more reading options for your blog readers. while reading a blog post if visitor will find a blog post link which is really helpful for him, he will definitely click on this link to read more.
  • SEO - Search engine bots counts internal links of every blog article so it will help you to get high search engine ranking.
  • Engagement - Its very hard to maintain blog visitors engagement but interlink help you to keep visitors engagement easily.
  • Increase Page-Views - According to some of the above points interlinks helps to gain more and more impressions on your blog.
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#2 Create Sneeze Page :

A Sneeze page is a page that highlighting previously written posts/archives on your blog to help readers to go deep in your blog. it's very effective way to hold your blog visitors as well as you can make your old blog post alive.

Creating a sneeze page is very simple task you just have to pick most viewed blog posts and add them into sneeze page. after creating sneeze page place this page in navigation menu, sidebar or footer to get more traffic.

If your blog on blogging tips then you can create sneeze page like :
  1. Blogging Tips For Beginners.  
  2. Best Of Blogging.
  3. Step By Step Guide Of Blogging.
  4. Beginners Guide For Bloggers.
If you not created sneeze page yet then create it now. it will helps you to drive more traffic and you will get more readers for your blog.

#3 Email Marketing :

If you want to make money fast through blogging, all you have to do build a huge email newsletter list. and this is not easy task for newbies but you can use some tricks to gain more email subscribers.

How you will grow your email list ?
  • Sidebar Email Subscription Box - Sidebar of the blog is eye catching and most clicked place to add email subscription box, if your articles are worth reading then readers would like to subscribe your blog to get updates.
  • Hello Bar - The Hello Bar is a notification bar which helps you to grow your email list in short period of time, so I recommend you Hello Bar. after trying it I am sure you'll never think about removing that plugin from your site. 
  • Give An Free Product - As we all know giving away something for free is one of the great way to capture lots off email just have to create a product which will helpful for your readers like ebook, themes etc. and leave it free for your readers and get email in exchange of that product. 
  • Email Subscription Box Below Post : Add email subscription box at end of every blog post its very effective way to get more email subscribers easily.

#4 Eye-Catching Title:

The most important aspect of targeting visitors for your blog is post title. so you should write Eye-catching blog post titles to increase CTR (click through rate).

Readers are very smart, they know! where to spend their valuable time. so they will visit your page if post heading is click-worthy.

Here are few tips to keep in mind when writing a eye-catching titles :
  • Make it clear - Blog visitor should know what your post is about actually, when he catching your blog post title. so make simple and clear.
  • Include Numbers - Include numbers at the beginning of the title , this is a great way to increase click-through rate on your blog.
  • Add Benefits - What does the reader will get from reading this post? add benefit of your post in title.
  • Ask Questions To Readers - Add question in your post title. it will generate curiosity in peoples mind to learn more about that topic.

#5 Write Quality Contents: 

There are a ton of content writers out there in the blogging industry who spend hours if not a days to write high quality contents.  


Because they know how difficult to get loyal readers for blog and once they failed to provide quality contents to readers, they will loose many loyal readers and they can't get him back to their blog.   

So now you can understand writing quality contents is how much important for you and your readers.  

How to write good quality contents?

  • Do Research - When I writing blog post, I always open up lot off tabs in my browser to cover my article deeply. So always do research on the topic that you want to cover.
  • Connect With Readers - Connect with your blog readers and ask them what I have missed in this article, they will help you to find out the weakness of your article.
  • Avoid Plagiarism - Don't try to copy contents. write your own unique contents. it take some time but you will get many loyal readers.
  • Improve Writing Skill - Write article in a way that peoples wants to read it completely. So improve your writing skills and catch your favorite blogger writing style.
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#5  Blog Design :

Want to make your first time visitor become regular visitor? if yes! then you should spend some time on your blog design to attract visitors. 

If you have not a skill of blog designing or don't know how to design then don't worry ! there are several sites provides high quality professional looking themes and templates. 

You can use free themes/templates or spend a few dollars to purchase it.

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Here is some blog designing tips to make your blog look cool :  

  • Simplicity - Keep your blog design as simple as possible. it helps readers to easily navigate any information easily.
  • Logo Design - Make sure that your designed logo suits with your blog design.
  • Get Design Ideas - Before choosing colors, backgrounds, fonts take a look on other well designed sites and get some ideas from their site.
  • Add Important Widgets - Add some most important widgets on your blog like Author Box widget, Social, Popular posts. recent posts, email subscription box etc. but make sure that you aren't using fancy widgets on your blog.

 Conclusion :

It’s not easy to keep visitors for a longer time on a blog, but with a little hard work, optimization, marketing techniques you can trigger blog readers in just few months weeks. 

What other tricks do you use to keep your visitors longer on your blog?Leave your questions and comments in the comment box below and if there is anything that I’ve missed in this article letting me know.


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