6 Image Optimization Tips For Better Search Engine Ranking

6 Image Optimization Tips For Better Search Engine Ranking

Without images blog article is like milk without sugar, bread without butter because images are saying more than thousand a word and that's why we are using images in blog post to better understanding of article for our visitors.

Google smartly crawl all the data to give relevant search results to customers and that's why search engines want proper optimization for all type of content which is published on the web.

There are several bloggers (newbie bloggers) out there who don't know how to do proper image optimization and Some bloggers know how to do it that but they avoids or doing with wrong methods. and the result is low traffic from search engines. 
To getting traffic back of your blog you must have to work on your all blog images to get stand out on search engine ranking.

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If you haven't any idea for image optimization don't worry ! this is whole article for you. today we will cover all the important factors of image optimization for SEO.

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Image Optimization For Better Search Engine Ranking :

#1 Alt Tag : 

6 Image Optimization Tips For Better Search Engine Ranking
when we see camera in image we can instantly recognize this image but search engine spiders can't recognize any image without "descriptive" Alt tag. and that's why you need to use descriptive Alt tag in images.

If you are using Blogger blogspot platform then simply click on the image in post editor, select properties and add your alt tag (for search engines) and title tag (for your readers).
If you are using WordPress platform then you have to install : SEO Image Plugin, after installing this plugin just go to Setting >> SEO friendly images and then add your alt and title tag.

HTML Code look like:
Example : <img src="" alt="camera on the table"/>

#2 Image File Size :

Fast loading pages always on the edge of rank and search engines love that so if your blog image size is too large then it will affect on your blog loading speed and visitor will go back.

Make image size as small as possible you can resize and compress blog images using online tools like Picnick Or Image Optimizer. to increase your web pages speed/load time you can use an image editing software's like Photoshop.

#3 Image File Name :

Image file name also helps search engines to describe more about image and that's the reason I have added this point in this article.

Before uploading any images, give a suitable title for that image. and use keywords in file name before uploading them. so don't upload images without giving relevant file name.

#4 Anchor Text :

Anchor text is the hyper linking to another page or document on the web. and this is a mostly used term for search engine optimization now day. The exact use of anchor text in images will help you to get high page rank for your images and article.

Whenever you are used anchor text with a keyword that shows the page being linked to another page.

See below image as an example of exact anchor text :

6 Image Optimization Tips For Better Search Engine Ranking

In this image "Image Optimization" is exact match anchor because it's linking to a page about image optimization.

#5 Images Format JPG, GIF, PNG :  

Whenever you want to use photos in your article, select the pic which related to your article it will attract the visitors. and wrap contents around the picture.

JPG is better format than other formats. it's giving high quality picture with low size and it will best for your blog. because this format helps to speed up your blog pages.

You can change pictures format using Photoshop just open image file in Photoshop and save as with new extension.

#6 Add Descriptive Caption :

Photo Caption is used for describing published photographs. if you are using caption carefully then it will help you to get more traffic from search engine. But one thing remember that always give caption, alt tag, file name related to your image and article.

If you are using free pictures on your blog then you can give attribution to picture author using caption to give attribution just add credit link in caption.

Final Words

So these are the 6 Image Optimization Tips you can apply on blog images to get more and more organic traffic from search engines.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions then feel free to ask through comment box. and let me know which techniques you have to optimize blog images. Happy Blogging.


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