10 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Stop Making Right Now

10 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Stop Making Right Now

SEO implementation is curious term of blogging and web development. and every serious blogger deeply know about that but some newbie bloggers can't understand some things that they should know.

I’m sure you have all used SEO optimization for better search engine ranking, but what about your common SEO mistakes? 

Since Penguin and Panda, it’s very important to avoid those mistakes that we are making constantly. to avoid those common SEO mistakes I've made this article to show you which mistakes you should avoid to get high SERP in search engines.

Before I go more into depth of SEO mistakes, let me tell you I’m not a SEO expert but I would like to share what I have learned from my blogging experiences and mistakes. 

10 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid :

Mistake #1 : Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is just the repetition of the same keywords or key phrases repeated within a page. if you are keyword stuffing, that means you don't care about your SEO.

If your keyword is “marketing strategy” use it less than 3 times for every 100 words. and try to keep your keyword density less than 3% for particular keyword. because if you use it more than this then your content declared as a spam by Google. 

Once Google analyze that your content is stuffed with keywords, they will prevent your content from being indexed in search engine.

Mistake #2 : Copied Contents

Should you copy contents from another blog? hope you not, because you might be using somebody's copyrights contents.

Search engines are very smart they can find which content is original and which is duplicate with the help of many algorithms. if you are using copied contents on your blog then you will face some legal problems in future. and your blog will getting penalized by Google. 

When I started my first blog I did this mistake, but after meeting some successful bloggers I realize that copy paste is always bad. and I should respect hard work of bloggers who spend lot's off time to create great article.

So I just removed all those contents that I copied from other blogs and I pressed refresh button on my blogging journey to do blogging fairly.

How to copy paste blog article ?  

If you like any article and want to copy some portion of content then you can copy this by giving proper credit to original writer/author. or you can use a rel=canonical to tell search engine that give all credit to the original article.

Mistake #3 : Avoiding Keyword Research

This is a biggest mistake I have ever seen that many bloggers avoids keyword research because of  they don't have time and patience. but there is no short cut to become a successful blogger, you need to do lots of hard work and you need to have patience.

keyword research is the very important term of SEO to get high SERP in search engines. if you are avoiding this, your content value is almost zero even your content is worth reading.

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Mistake #4 : Over-Optimizing Your Site/blog

Search engine over-optimization is the very big mistake you should stop immediately if you are making. because it causes Google penalty. and once your blog caught in it, it's very hard to get out.

Penguin algorithm hits all the pages that have been over-optimized. and that's the reason we should avoid this mistake.

7 Sign's of Over-Optimization :

  • Keyword Stuffing: in article or at the end of article.
  • Non-Relevant Keywords.
  • Using too many H1 tags in content.
  • keyword density more than 25%.
  • Multiple articles describing the same.
  • Useless Content's.
  • Title doesn't match with content . 
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Mistake #5 : Ignoring H1 (Heading) Tag

One thing that I’ve noticed when I started blogging is that most of bloggers aren’t optimize h1 tags or ignoring it. but keep one thing in your mind that if you want to score your SEO then you should have at least one h1 tag.

Well if you want to write a perfectly optimized blog post then you can't ignore h1(heading) tag.

It is confirmed that search engines focus on h1 tag to determine about your exact topic, so for better search results it's very important to use h1 tag with big font.

Mistake #6 : Stuffing Meta Description Tag With Keywords

When it comes to Meta Description for particular post, it's matter? of-course it matters but it's not a high ranking factor. it helps to increase click through rate(CTR). so write good meta description for your readers not for search engines.

One mistake you should avoid about meta description tag is stuffing keyword in that tag. and keyword stuffing is very harmful for us as I mentioned in mistake #1.

Mistake #7 : Writing short/poor content

Every blogger trying to write quality contents in order to get good response from visitors and search engines, but many bloggers writes short/poor quality contents because of they don't have time or they are poor writer.

But if you are serious blogger then it's very important to dedicate lot's off time for your blog to stand out in Blogging world.

You might not know but Google analyze social shares, so it simply proves that if we want to get high rank we should write shareable contents.

To make your content shareable you should write the blog posts that contain 500 words or more than this.

Mistake #8 : Incorrect Use Of Robot.txt File

Robots.txt is a command for the search engine robots to explorebrowse pageof our blogRobots.txt isarguably filter our blog from search engines.  

It's very important to setup robot.txt file on your blog but if you used it incorrectly then just little bit mistake can block your whole blog from being indexed from search engines. So add this file without making any mistake.

If you want to setup robot.txt file on your blog or know more about it kindly read this tutorial :

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Mistake #9: Link Building Mistakes

Buying Links and Link Exchange are two common link building mistakes might get your website in trouble.

If you are going to buy,sell links or link exchanging for your blog to drive traffic then your chances is high of getting penalized by Google.

Google hates this spam tactic so get rid of it immediately and try to build natural backlinks for your site. 


So, these are the 10 common SEO mistakes happen when optimizing blog. once we are able to know what to avoid and what to implement while optimizing our blog, SEO will be easy for us.
There are many mistakes rolled out in web world but it's enough for the day. If you find this post useful, please help me by sharing this post. I will come up with new article till then, Happy Blogging!

So, let me know what do you think about all those mistakes, leave feedback in comment box.


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