10 On Page SEO Tips To Optimize Your Blog For Search Engines

10 On Page SEO Tips To Optimize Your Blog For Search Engines

Now day Search Engine Optimization has become a very important part in web development because Google upgrading his system with many algorithms to get better and better results from web pages and show them to visitors.

Without SEO you can not get good amount of traffic to your blog. for getting traffic from Google and other search engines follow some tips which I mentioned below.

While doing on page or off page optimization make sure you are not making these 10 SEO mistakes:

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 Search Engine Optimization Factors :

#1 SEO Friendly URL

SEO friendly URL is simplest method to improve blog search engine ranking. search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing gives too much importance to SEO friendly URL's.

When search engine begin to analyze your blog pages, then firstly they look on permalink URL. If you are creating bad permalink then you are doing big mistake. so it simply proves that your blog URL structure must have well optimized.

See the live example of Bad URL structure and Good URL structure

Bad Permalink Example :
Good Permalink Example :

#2  Title Optimization

Title tag is placed in meta tag in <head> section and it tells search engine and peoples what your website/blog about. if your blog title is well optimized then you will get more traffic to your blog from search engine.

Google displays the 50-60 characters of a title tag or many as will fit in 512 pixel  display. you must have to optimize your blog title for search engine and mention only targeted keywords in your blog title.

Search engine watch describes some best techniques about title optimization this may help you : Title Optimization.

#3  Image Optimization

Image optimization is another most important part of Search engine optimization. you may not realize this but images can generate a nice traffic. and that's why you have to optimize blog images for search engine.

If you want to get more traffic to your blog images then you must learn how to optimize blog images.

How To Optimize Blog Images?

Alt Tag: when we see computer image then we can instantly recognize this image but search engine spiders can't recognize any image without Alt tag. and that's why you should use Alt tag in images.

If you are using Blogger platform then simply click on image in post editor then go to image properties and add your alt tag.

If you are using WordPress then you have to install : SEO Image Plugin after installing this plugin just go to Setting >> SEO friendly images and then add your meta tag.

You can also add Alt tag in HTML source simple add alt="put your alt tag here"
Example : <img src="computer-screen.jpg" alt="Computer">
File Size : Make image size as small as possible you can resize and compress images using online tools like Picnick Or Image Optimizer.

To increase your web pages speed/load time you need to use an image editing software's to make your images load fast.

File Name : Before you upload image, give a suitable title for images and use keywords in image file name.

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#4 Keyword Placement 

Keyword placement is very important factor to showing blog pages to search engines. so here I will show you where to place keywords for better ranking.

Google has technology called LSI and they analyze the different meaning of different keywords on a page to determine page relevancy. so use keywords related to your article.

Lets See Which Is The Best Place To Put Keywords :

1) According t Moz your keyword should appear in the first 100-150 words of the article.
2)Place Keywords in title tag's. blog title post title and H2 heading tag.
3) Put Keywords in <meta name="description"> , <meta name="keywords">.
4) Place your Keywords in comment section when you reply to the visitors.
5) Also you can place your keyword in website URL.

#5 Sitemap Submission 

When you starting blog or website first thing that you should do is submitting sitemap to various search engines.

For getting indexed in Google you must have to submit XML sitemap to Google webmaster tools. it will crawl your whole blog using sitemap and also it shows crawl error, broken links and much more...
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#6 Blog Loading Speed

If your blog loading speed is very slow then visitors will go back and wouldn't re-visit to your blog. and that's the reason you have to optimize blog loading time.

Ways To Speed Up Blog Pages :

1) WordPress Users : Get Catching plugin, remove unused PHP tags.
2) Reduce HTTP request on each page.
3) Don't put lot off JavaScript and remove unnecessary widgets.
4) Use fast loading templates/themes
5) 6-7 posts on your landing page/homepage.
6) Don't install lot off third party plugins.
7) Use read more link.

 #7  Keyword Density

Keyword density means how many times same keyword appear in blog post. so you should keep keyword density in between 1% to 3%. if using keywords more than that Google bot will consider search spam.

Many bloggers stuffing to many unnecessary keywords in blog posts. if you are doing that type of mistake then Google will ignore this post and your blog may penalized.

#8 Optimize Blog For Social Sharing

Social media is best resource to get huge traffic to your blog and if you are getting huge traffic from social media then you must have to optimize blog for social sharing.

How To Optimize Blog For Social Networking Sites? 

Very simple ! using social sharing buttons, widgets, plugins just add it on your blog. by adding this you will indirectly increase chances to get inbound links.

According to B2B if you have 100 Google plus followers then you will get 14.63% traffic.
300 Google +1 votes 9.44% traffic.
70 Facebook shares and 50 likes means 6.9% traffic.
50 Twitter tweets means 2.88% traffic.

#9 High Word Article With Quality :

We all know that content is king and this is only an effective way to attract the visitors. for visitors you should write and provide high quality contents. as well as for getting more comments, share's and high SERP rank you have to write at least 1000 to 1500 words article.

But one thing keep in your mind that Quality is more important than Quantity so you have to think about Quality not about Quantity.

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#10 Responsive Design 

Responsive blog design means your website adjust in size based devices. if you have not a responsive blog design then it will increase bounce rate on mobile, smartphones and other non desktop devices.

Now day most of peoples uses smartphones for internet and that's why you need to make your blog design responsive to reduce bounce rate on non desktop devices.

Final Words !

So friends these are the basic 10 on page search engine optimization tips you can apply to optimize blog for search engines. If you have any questions regarding Search Engine Optimization then let me know via comment box.


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